Why you should rustproof your vehicle

Let’s talk about rustproofing. More specifically, what is it and does your car need it?  We’ll answer the second question first: YES, your car does need rustproofing, and FYI, it’s not as expensive as you might think.  

What is Rustproofing?

As the name suggests, rustproofing is the prevention or delay of rusting of iron and steel on your vehicle or the permanent protection against corrosion of your vehicle.

Why Do You Need to Rustproof Your Vehicle?

We live on an island surrounded by saltwater. Even if you stay far away from the waterfront when those waves come crashing onto the road during a cold front, and you never park near the water, the fact is that saltwater spray settles on our roads, our cars, our houses, the power lines, everything. Over time, this build-up of salt on our vehicles causes them to rust. 

In addition, the intense sunlight that we experience pretty much all year around causes the paint on our cars to degrade which then allows the cars to absorb more saltwater leading to corrosion. 

Ways to Rustproof Your Vehicle

There are several ways to rustproof a car such as electronic rust protection systems; tar-based sprays; and drip oil sprays. Here at Tony’s Toys we use Corrosion FREE, an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, clean, clear and drip free application that actually penetrates without dripping, which is very important for protecting seams and crevices.  Corrosion FREE terminates rust and corrosion in all metals, eliminates moisture and maintains dryness in the inner panels of the vehicle, protects vinyl and plastic surfaces from UV rays and improves the function of moving parts through lubrication. 


We offer two low-cost Corrosion FREE protection packages:

  • The Underbody and Essentials Rust Cure Package – protects wheel wells, unibody or solid frame, fuel tank, fuel and brake lines, all door bottom seams, outer wheel well lips, hood, trunk lid and tailgate doors.
  • The Complete Rust Cure Package – protects all the items in the Underbody and Essentials package PLUS all body panels, floor pan, power windows, power door locks, hinges, electric regulators, radio antennas and specific treatment of surface rust.

The True Position

If you want to extend the life of your vehicle beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, then you need to consider rustproofing it. We recommend and offer the Corrosion FREE rustproofing system at an affordable price.

Stop by today to schedule your rustproofing appointment.

And that IS the true position at Tony’s Toys!

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